Jual Modul USB to TTL CH340

  • Berat
    30 gram
  • Deskripsi
    USB2.0 To TTL 6Pin CH340G Converter for STC for Arduino PRO Instead of CP2102 PL2303
    Built-in USB to TTL Transfer chip.
    Designed to be used for USB to TTL electronic projects.
    TTL interface output, easy to connect to your MCU.
    Dual 3.3V and 5V Power output, work with 3.3v and 5v target device.
    The mini module is designed specifically for STC download and for ARDUIN PRO, supports all series of STC microcomputer with cold start reset button

    Supports WIN7/VISTA/MAC/LINUX(32 bit /64 bit system)
    USB to TTL conversion board used for STC microcontroller download DVD/ hard disk / router /GPS upgrade
    For STC Download: SCM must be a minimum system and external crystal oscillator

    Note: USB to Serial port can use the version above STC-ISPV3.94 to download the old version of STC microcontroller, as STC89C and STC12C series

    1USB 2.0 To TTL 6Pin CH340G Converter

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